I’m Back Let The Saga Continue!

I know that it’s been forever since I’ve written anything or updated my blog. But this the perfect example of why not to let people influence your dreams and aspirations.

Mr. Biggz read my blog and didn’t like it. So I basically let his negativity affect my creativity, and I regret that I stopped blogging.  But you know what? You can’t live in the past. It’s a new day and a new chapter to this saga!

Check back soon!



So we’ve all heard the love stories and happily-ever-after stories about people who meet online. It seems fake and just a ploy to make money. But it actually does happen. I personally know 3 family members who met their spouses online. And now a co-worker has joined ranks of successful online dating. She is about to move in with her beau that she met on match.com. After she told me her fairy tale, we realized that she no longer needed her account and she graciously transferred the remaining 2 months over to me.  So I figured that I might as well give it try.

There were thousands of men ready and waiting when I logged on. But of course, I’ve decided to be very selective. Not compromising on any of my match criteria. The first guy that I “matched” with was just a trial run. It went smoothly, but there was no chemistry. We met for lunch and that was that. Today is trial run #2. I have an afternoon date at the fair with Art, a 30year old black man with hazel eyes.

We’ve been texting and talking all week, and he seems to be a nice guy. And I’m really looking forward to continuing this saga…


So Mr. Meetup.com is getting even crazier! After telling him that I was not the one for him, I stopped replying to his text messages. However, he didn’t stop texting me… Here’s the exact text messages that I received from him.

8/12 @ 4:00p So what happened? U mad at me?
8/13 @ 12:00p So…I’m like really bored. Can u suggest something for me to do? Were still friends I’m assumin.
8/14 @ 3:00p I got it. U’r not the one. I get it…Good luck finding the right one…Take care
8/14 @3:05p Leave me alone…
8/14 @3:06p Leave me alone…
8/14 @3:07p Leave me alone…
8/14 @3:08p Leave me alone…
8/14 @3:09p If u don’t stop texting me, I’ll have to claim harassment. Please leave me alone. This is u’re last & final warning. Leave me alone.


Okay, just for the record, I NEVER sent him a reply text. NEVER! So I have no idea why he wanted to claim that I was harassing him. If anything, he was harassing me! He is obviously crazy! So immediately after receiving that text, I contacted Verizon and had his number blocked. I will no longer get an calls or texts from him (at least for the next couple of months).

And the saga is keeps going…

The Meetup Man Continued…

Tucson, the guy from meetup.com, must have a wonderful time on our date and really liked me because he texted me at 9am the next day. Since I’m not interested in him, I replied with one word answers until I receieved a text that read “I’m interested in u. I was trying to meet single women like u’r self b cuz I have some needs…I want to know if u’r going to b able to take care of them…” First off, those were his exact words and spellings. Secondly, WTF?!!! After meeting a girl one time, why would he think that it was okay to say something like to her.  Is he really serious?!

Instead of flying off the handle and wasting my energy and time on him. I simply responded with “sorry, I’m not the one.”And of course he didn’t take that well. He responded by asking a million questions about what I was saying, why I was saying it, if I was mad, etc. Needless to say, those questions never got answered. I will never stoop to a low level and play childish games with a man. I’m too much of a real woman for that!

So ladies, meeting men online can be fun and rewarding. But always remember safety first! Never let him know where you live and never get in a car with him on the first date. Always meet him in public somewhere and use your own transportation. Don’t put yourself in a a situation that you may regret. Because you never know if you’ll end up with a crazy meetup man.

The Meetup Man

So for those of you who don’t know, I’m on a quest to find a man, get married, and have a baby by 30. And I’ll be 28 in 3 weeks! I decided to depart from my old ways of dating and try new avenues to get to my destination.  One of which is giving every guy a quick chance. After all, my prince charming could be disguised as a toad.

A day or so ago, I recieved an message through meetup.com from a guy by the name of Tucson. Apparently, he came across my profile on the site and was so intrigued that he decided to send me a message telling me so. He felt that I was very attractive, interesting, blah, blah, blah. Normally, I would have looked at his pic and erased his message without a second thought due to the fact that he was not black and not attractive to me. However, in my effort to give everyone a chance, I decided to respond back. Turns out Tucson is from India, raised in America, new to LA, and an environmental engineer.

After finding out this background info, I decided to give him my cell number. And within minutes, he was sending the first text. He seemed excited and wasted no time asking me out to dinner that same night.  I had to decline his offer by saying that I was busy with work, but I did suggest that we reschedule for the next evening. And he of course agreed.

Early this afternoon, he texted to make sure that we were still on for dinner and to decided where we would meet. Because I was busy with work, he asked if he could call me on his lunch break so we could talk about it.  When he called I could hear the nervousness in his voice. He sounded very naive and new to the dating world. So I just giggled at his insecurity and suggested a cute little restaurant on Ventura Blvd, about 2 blocks from my house. He agreed and we set the time for 7pm.

I chose to walk to the restaurant since it was so close to my house  rather than driving or have him pick me up. My first impression of Tucson was that he was sooooo not might type, but he did look better than his pictures. He was dressed appropriately in a button up shirt with black pants. He was far from stylish though. He had a fresh haircut, buzz cut to be exact. And a gold nugget ring on his left hand. We had to wait about 20 minutes before we could be seated. And during that time,we made small talk. His nervousness was obvious and a little awkward. It was like I was the first girl that he’s been out on a date with.

After being seated at our table, he says to me “I’m going to send you a text.” And I had no idea why he would want to send me a text and I’m sitting across the table from him. The text read “So should I pick up the check? I like can.” What?! Is he serious?! Never in my life have I went dutch on a date and never in my life will I do so. Despite my disbelief, I responded simply with “That would be appropriate.” My first impression of him being naive was true. Throughout the dinner, he asked many questions that revealed how much he didn’t know about dating etiquette. I actually felt a little sad for him. But at the same time I knew that I could not dedicate any of my time to being his teacher.

We finished the dinner with promises of seeing each other again soon. However, I know that he is not my prince charming and it would be wrong for me to lead him on. But the dinner was great and the wine was fantastic. Too bad the man was not up to par.

And so the saga continues….

Old Friend, Still Old Friend

So Gary was just pacifying me when he told me that he was ready to give us a try. After stating that he would actively pursue me, like a man should, I never heard from him! Last night, I noticed that he was online, so I sent him a quick instant message asking him why he didn’t do what he said he would do. And of course, he had a million excuses. After wading through the bullshit, I figured out that he just couldn’t (or didn’t want to) deal with the fact that we are in different states. He was so pessimistic about the whole thing. He was so negative, that I finally said forget it. We’ve been friends for 9 years, let’s just keep it that way.

I’m kinda disappointed though. I was really hoping that we could turn our friendship into something more.

Oh well, who’s next?

Old Friend, New Love?

Many years ago (9 to be exact), I met this cute, little, light-skinned guy the summer before sophomore year of college. At the time I had a brand-new Mercury Cougar (a graduation gift from mom) and I took pride in washing it myself. So one afternoon as I was a washing my car at the apartment car wash, this guy (lets call him Gary) pulled up and introduced himself to me. He was cute and had a really nice Nissan Altima, so I gave him my number. And that was the beginning of a friendship that could never turn into a relationship.

At the beginning of our friendship, I felt that Gary was too “nice” and a little geeky. So I was just not interested. At that time, I only wanted to talk to the “bad boys”. The guys that would ultimately end up breaking my heart. Despite not making a love connection, we remained friends throughout the years. However, recently I’ve realized that he’s actually the perfect guy for me.  He’s educated, extremely intelligent, caring, considerate, loving, and cute! We even share some of the same hobbies and ideals. The only caveat is that he’s 2000 miles away!

I don’t have a problem with long distance dating, but he does. I’ve tried repeatedly to convince him to consider giving us a real try now that we have developed into adults. And he always shoots me down. However, this evening he calls me out of the blue and actually agrees to give it try! I’m so ecstatic! For years I’ve wondered if he could be the one that I missed out on and have always wanted a second chance with . I’ve told myself that if I ever do get the opportunity to be with him, I would definitely give him my all.

So here’s the beginning of a new chapter in the saga. I hope it has a happy ending!